Finger Rock Preserve, LLC - A Wetland Mitigation Bank


The U.S. loses 130,000 acres of wetlands annually.

Across the Nation Wetland Mitigation Banks are a Win for the Environment, the Development Community and the Federal Regulators.



Finger Rock Preserve, LLC
3001 S. Lincoln Ave Suite E
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
(970) 879-4546

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Finger Rock Preserve (FRP), located on a 620 acre site in south Routt County Colorado is an Army Corps of Engineers approved wetland mitigation bank and offers mitigation credits for purchase.


Recognizing the overdue need for wetland mitigation in the Yampa Valley and Eagle Valley watersheds, FRP will be a viable option and solution for unavoidable wetland losses in advance of development impacts. FRP, privately owned and operated, is able to provide a turn key product in the form of transferable wetland mitigation credits and complete transfer of liability for wetland impacts.


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Mitigation Banking is a benefit to the Environment , Project Owner/Developer and Regulators

Preserves and Enhances Aquatic Ecosystems.

Mitigation occurs in advance of wetland impacts.

Eliminates Developer’s mitigation liability & risk.

Eliminates Developer’s need to dedicate land, water and time for mitigation plan.

Eliminates Developer’s requirements to subcontract design, construction, maintenance and monitoring.

Reduces Regulator’s time to review and process permit applications.

Assists with the National goal of No Net Loss of Wetlands.